$230,000 Reasons to Reserve a Middle Seat

Arguably the worst place on a plane. But now you have $230,000 worth of reasons to opt for the middle seat.

Virgin Australia has launched a new campaign to win tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes in the ‘lottery’, either voluntarily or by a passenger seated in the middle of a slapped passenger.

The new campaign aims to make the most hated seat on the plane the most preferred by giving middle-seat passengers a chance to win one of the airline’s prizes, which offers new prizes and winners each week.

$230,000 worth of prizes available. This includes premium economy round-trip flights to the United States via United Airlines, 2023 AFL team away tickets, flights to Melbourne and Caribbean cruises with Virgin Voyages including AFL ‘Before Bounce’ advance tickets. Game lunch, seats at the AFL Grand Finals, and even helicopter pub crawl events (including return flights to Darwin).

The airline found that a recent survey of Velocity frequent flyers found that 62% preferred aisle seats and 35% preferred window seats. Only 3% of passengers said they were not fussy.

But airline CEO Jayne Hrdlicka said it might be the least popular seat on an airplane, but it could have advantages, such as giving you the opportunity to meet two people instead of one.

“This is an old story, but I was sitting by the window and there was a man sitting next to me,” she told News Corp. “The man’s name was Kelly Slater.”

“We had a very interesting conversation because he came to Australia to train and compete. Going further down the track I realized he was a very successful surfer, but he was a really good and interesting guy. He was in the early stages of his career and was pretty intimidated by the world of possibilities.”

Lottery tickets can be entered in three simple steps.

1. Must be at least 18 years of age as a Velocity frequent flyer member.

2. Take the middle seat on domestic flights operated by Virgin Australia by 23 April 2023.

3. Open the Virgin Australia app and tap the Middle Seat Lottery tile to find your flight and enter your details. Competitors must enter the competition within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time of the flight.

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