Are you awake to see a lunar eclipse? Prospects for Southern California ‘not likely’ due to clouds

Try again in 2025.

Sky-watchers over Southern California will have a hard time seeing a total lunar eclipse early Tuesday. According to meteorologists, you will be able to see a total lunar eclipse through the clouds for a while.

local first major winter storm Rain and clouds will cover Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. total lunar eclipse by 2025 Settled in North America around 2:17 a.m.

“The chances are slim. [that Southern Californians will see the eclipse]”, said Mike Wofford, meteorologist at Oxnard National Weather Service. “Theoretically possible; there could be a break in the clouds tonight.”

But don’t bet on it, Wofford said.

A lunar eclipse is expected to be visible across North America as early as Tuesday, weather permitting. A total solar eclipse lasts about an hour and a half. This eclipse is known as a “blood moon” because the moon turns red.

For those who can’t see the Celestial Show due to bad weather, the eclipse is as follows: Stream live on YouTube by From a mobile observatory in New Mexico.

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