Captain America 4 is more important to the future of the MCU than you think

Marvel’s Coming Captain America: New World Order Perhaps one of the most important tasks for the future of MCUs. The starlight of Steve Rogers’ plans for his retirement Avengers: EndgameProtection passed to Sam Wilson. Falcon and the Winter Soldier We struggled to express what Rogers’ protection meant. At the end of the Disney+ sequence, Sam embraced his position as the all-new MCU Captain America, wearing a shiny new vibranium swimsuit, his trademark falcon wings, and a well-known protective suit. Sam Wilson, who took over the role of Captain America, quickly sparked rumors of a solo movie, and it certainly was enough. Captain America: New World Order Officially introduced by SDCC in 2022.

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Captain America: new world order The MCU Solo Movie franchise marks major events passing to special characters, except for: black panther Because of tragic real life situations. While Sam Wilson’s takeover from Steve Rogers is widespread information, Marvel is simply not using Black Panther’s new identity for advertising. Black Panther: Wakanda Perpetually. While characters change occasionally in Marvel Comics, the standalone film franchise didn’t just change the palm of one’s hands within the MCU. Sam Wilson’s taking on the role of Captain America will be the first real-world review of whether unofficial moviegoers can be satisfied with a superhero handover, the final outcome of which could influence Marvel Studios’ future work on the MCU.

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Captain America 4 is the threat the MCU wants.

It can be cumbersome to think about different characters taking on major superhero identities that are different from the main characters they created them for. But it’s been 10 years since the first MCU team-up. Avenger’sAnd the real heroes of people are actually getting older or moving away from the life of a superhero. This will inevitably happen more and more over the years to come, and a new face will have to come in if Marvel hopes to maintain its top-notch IP. It’s certainly risky that Marvel Studios started this process with an iconic person like Captain America, and an additional unofficial audience will change, especially as Steve Rogers’ portrayal of Chris Evans turns out to be synonymous with America’s patriotic hero. can’t understand

A longtime character similar to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson receiving a Captain America performance is preferred over a new character audience unfamiliar. Not only are the transitions not smoother, this storyline is taken directly from Marvel Comics, where Sam transforms into Captain. Head of America and Avengers throughout 2015 All-New Captain America #1, and is protected by an aged Steve Rogers. While the MCU didn’t always have very dedicated adaptations of the manga, this storyline marked significant changes that should be announced later, especially on large display screens. Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam confirmed that he was hesitant to turn out to be Captain America because of what the title meant.

The success of Captain America 4 may decide the future of the MCU.

Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America may be the first time a cinematic MCU solo sequence continues as a special character within a title position, but it will almost certainly not be the last. Captain America: New World OrderThe success of may pave the way for the best for other heroes. Some of these future replacements have already been released or have gotten little mention within the MCU. It’s kind of like Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis making fun of the debut of Miles Morales, who could take over the Spider-Man mantle from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. The same applies if Yelena Belova changes Scarlett Johansson. black widow 2Kate Bishop, who uses the Hawkeye persona, or Monica Rambo, who takes over Carol Danvers Captain Marvel 3.

If the reaction to Sam Wilson’s first solo outing as Captain America is optimistic Captain America: new world order As profitability rises, Marvel Studios will undoubtedly move more comfortably through the mantle, allowing the MCU to progress indefinitely without the core characters getting stale. Changing the unique Infinity saga heroes with section 5 and new faces from the past could allow the MCU to develop and evolve to bring new stories and characters, but nonetheless pay tribute to the heroes who arrived earlier than before. This can most clearly be seen in the following. Black Panther: Wakanda PerpetuallyAfter T’Challa’s MCU dies, we could see another one similar to Shuri turn out to be the Black Panther. They don’t completely change the characters, but they carry on their legacy.

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Sam Wilson’s Captain America is already a thrill

Falcon and the Winter Soldier It allowed the MCU audience to appreciate the mindset of Sam Wilson when he took on the big task of Captain America. This means that the new cap can be applied directly to the enterprise if: Captain America: New World Order Released in May 2024, he has already confirmed that he can shoulder such a heavy legacy. Sam Wilson boasts a rich backstory with Marvel Comics’ Falcon and Captain America, so the MCU has plenty of fabric to pull in when applying Cap 2.0. Regardless of the setting, audiences can nevertheless feel really weird watching someone other than Chris Evans perform as Captain America within the MCU, especially with additional unofficial viewers not keeping a Disney+ release.

Still, Sam Wilson’s future as Captain America within the MCU is incredibly thrilling. Because it proves that Marvel Studios wants to make major adjustments to their character roster as a way to expand the universe. Sam Wilson Captain America could be an important and optimistic delivery for illustration within the MCU. While the colored individual occupies one of the important iconic superhero roles, it doesn’t ignore the dark historical past or burden behind the “Captain America” ​​title. it carries. Anthony Mackie will be seen as Captain America throughout the future. Captain America: New World OrderAnd his subsequent battles could encapsulate the future of the MCU.

Sequel: Captain America 4 is digging into old civil war considerations.

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