Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder’s Superman deal was hiding an unpleasant surprise.

After retiring to the small town of Livingston, Montana, Margot Kidder continued acting, playing Lois Lane with Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent in four “Superman” films. Kidder is no exaggeration “I just love to work” He has since appeared in the independent film, Off-Broadway, as Laurie Strode’s therapist in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” and has appeared in numerous TV roles, including a cameo on two episodes of “Smallville” in 2004.

The depth of her experience in the film industry is Interview with HeyUGuys in 2016Kidder describes his experience navigating the “Superman” legal environment that reflects the early days of Marvel Studios:

“I have a very thick contract. They wouldn’t risk hitting a hit with ‘Superman’ and they wouldn’t put the same actor in second. Because you can go back and ask for $20 million to make a sequel. Kris [Reeve] And because I was the most inexperienced, we got lower pay than anyone else.”

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