Ghost Rider Will Be Official Law Enforcer

WARNING: Contains spoilers for . Ghost Rider #7!The old enemy of the police and the law, Ghost Rider You are now ready to become a law enforcement officer on your own. Ghost Rider has been out-of-laws from day one, occasionally wanting to join various superhero teams, but eventually decided to do it alone. all those changes Ghost Rider #7Join the FBI as it approaches the Spirit of Vengeance with its most unusual offer.

Since Ghost Rider first appeared Marble Spotlight #5 About 50 years ago he was on the wrong side of law enforcement. In his early Ghost Rider adventures, he often evaded the cops like his demonic villains. A supernatural parasite recently invaded Johnny Blaze, ruining his relationship with Ghost Rider. With Wolverine’s help, Ghost Rider was able to remove himself from the entity, but doing so raised more questions than answers. As Ghost Rider tries to figure out exactly what happened to him, FBI agents, including psychic Talia Warlord, pursue him. now Ghost Rider #7, Warroad catches up with Johnny Blaze and makes a different offer than before. This issue was written by Benjamin Percy, illustrated by Cory Smith, inked by Oren Junior, colored by Bryan Valenza, and written by Travis Lanham.

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The matter sees Johnny Blaze having a hangover after meeting Wolverine at a restaurant in Colorado. He’s drinking a lot of coffee, and without realizing it, Talia Warroad is his waitress. Afterwards, Blaze accidentally enters the hotel and faints. Readers learn that Warroad spiked Blaze’s coffee and tracked him to the hotel. She begins to read his inner thoughts.Questions” and “audition.” Warroad takes a deep dive into the thoughts of the Ghost Rider, his origins and all the time he lived as King of Hell. Blaze regains his consciousness two days later and when Warroad releases him from bed, Blaze “partner.” The Ghost Rider follows reluctantly, but stresses that Talia will not be safe with him.

Ghost Rider has always maintained a strong relationship with the police.

The matter ends there and readers wait until next month for Ghost Rider’s FBI agent debut, but the idea of ​​him working with the police shows just how far the character has come in the last 50 years. As mentioned earlier, much of Ghost Rider’s early adventures involved escaping the law. Ghost Rider’s rebellious nature doesn’t like him in law enforcement. But now, with a dark, supernatural force threatening the world centered on Ghost Rider, he can’t afford to be picky about his allies. Also, Talia Warroad seems to have some rebellious tendencies. That said, she and the Ghost Rider can eventually get along.

In the past, Ghost Riders have flirted with being “official” to some degree. He was a member of the first incarnation of Champions and Johnny Blaze’s successor Robbie Reyes joined the Avengers, ultimately ascending to the role of All-Rider, a multiple Ghost Rider. Still, Ghost Riders don’t appear to be team players, let alone anyone working with law enforcement. But that has changed and now Ghost Rider You can join the FBI.

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