Jetstar bag failure cost woman $4500

Jetstar passengers are still waiting for a $4500 refund after an employee made a mistake when charging a $45 fee to check in extra baggage.

Jannine Meyers was flying from Auckland to Christchurch, New Zealand on September 15, and had an extra bag to check in.

But instead of only charging a $45 fee, I handed the employee a credit card, which was mistakenly treated as $4500.

Ms Meyers learned of the error just before boarding the plane at Auckland Airport.

However, almost a month has passed since she was told that the money would be returned to her account within 10 to 15 business days.

A Jetstar spokesperson told, “We sincerely apologize for the delay in processing Jannine’s refund.”

“She will be rewarded by tomorrow, and as a sign of goodwill, we gave her a travel voucher.”

Meyers said she and her father could only have good faith belief that she would get her money back because she and her father were trying to board the plane and were not provided with proof of the refund request, such as a receipt.

“At this point, my father and I had to go to the boarding gate and we could only have faith that the refund had been successfully processed. But my gut told me otherwise,” she said.

She called it “a comedy of errors”.

Meyers explained that when he did not receive a refund after 15 days, he simply called Jetstar customer service and told them to be patient in a “favorite” way.

She also claimed in one call that she was told that the case was closed without a refund and that she had to provide a screenshot of her credit card statement to prove otherwise.

“It was a very disappointing experience. A difference of $4,455 is not a small error,” she told

She believes she wouldn’t have gotten a refund if she hadn’t kept calling the airline.

“I want to avoid traveling with the Jetstar,” Meyers told the publication.

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