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by Chris Kaban – 11/02/22 11:50 AM CST

Rising as a blockbuster after the summer season ended, Black Adam once again dominated the field work, albeit not hit hard. The upcoming new movie ‘Prey for Satan’ could have tried to make the most of the spooky holiday, but had minimal impact over the weekend. The MPAA continues to pour out personal treats with a title that once again explores the dangers of AI partnerships.

Black Adam gave the field shop a much-needed shot in the arm over the last weekend, even though the opening fell a bit short of expectations. Still, this anti-hero climbed to the top of the charts for the second weekend, but dropped 59% for a $27.4 million take and an all-new $110.9 million finish. It will quickly pass Nope ($123 million) to become the highest-grossing film since Thor: Love and Thunder, but the long-term outlook is going the wrong way, especially after Black Panther: Wakanda Eternally’s release. At this level, it looks set to settle somewhere between The Eternals ($165 million) and Hobbs & Shaw ($175 million). Each recorded similar second-week totals. It was hoped that a film made on a budget of $195 million could make at least $200 million, but that prospect seems unrealistic. Although it has grossed over $250 million worldwide at this level, attending to reaching $400 million can work like added outdoor possibilities. Can Black Adam contemplate a DCEU victory at this level? It looks like it will barely come forward when everything is charged and done, but it’s definitely been removed from the height the studio really wanted.

2nd place is a romantic comedy between George Clooney and Julia Roberts. <낙원으로 가는 티켓>It once again held its place with a drop of just over 40% and a weekend return of $9.8 million. Counter Programmer continues to look great at $33.5 million. It seems to have dominated the adult market at this level, so if it continues its current path it will be around $60 million. A $60 million film, reported to have an effect of over $85 million worldwide, should plan for $150 million worldwide and ultimately see a profit.

The most recent horror item, Prey for the Satan, which took third place, had a light impact with a $7.1 million opening. It didn’t go unnoticed by critics, but nonetheless stayed at the dismal 19% Rotten, while audiences gave it a generic horror movie score of “C+”. This is probably going fast and the finances are small enough that even making a fraction of a smile is worth leaving the theater.

The horror sensation for Talking of Smile took fourth place, dropping 36% to herald a new close of $92.7 million at $5.4 million. That said, it beat the Black Telephone ($89.88 million) for the crown of pure horror for 12 months (separately – and that’s extra sci-fi anyway). Even if there’s Halloween in the rearview mirror, it looks like there’s $100 million left on the desk. A huge smile for this.

Rounding out the highest five was Halloween Ends, which dropped under 50% over the weekend of $4 million, completing an all-new $60.55 million. It’s shocking that this heavyweight franchise is operating behind Smile, but even if you want Halloween Kills ($92 million) and you really want a rebooted Halloween ($159 million), it might not matter given your $33 million finances. there is. It certainly won’t have any downsides to being profitable, but it’s the unfortunate type to see what’s whispered to such a promising finish.

Outdoor Best 5: Two big dramas expanded to good results, spanning over 2000 screens, primarily based on the story of a young Emmett’s Lynch and his mother’s struggles to expose racism and find a sense of justice. It jumped more than 654% to $2.74 million, moving from 13th to 6th. So far, it has earned $365 million.

Additionally, Cate Blanchett’s biographical film Tár rose to over 1000 screens and reached number 10 with over $1 million touchdowns to complete $2.5 million.

It also persevered with Terrifier 2’s epic run at 795 screens, jumped an additional 8.2%, but dropped one spot to eighth at $1.9 million over the weekend. The overly brutal horror offer has earned $7.7 million so far.

One new broad release for the upcoming weekend is another adult-focused coming of age from the American dream drama Armageddon Time. Overall, I think it will have minimal impact.

I assume that if we stick to fear, we will effectively speak of our fascination with AI. From the Terminator to the Ex Machina, machines that gain intelligence have always been a favorite for discovering humanity’s arrogance in creating synthetic life forms to have chunks. us in the ass. oncoming M3GAN A bit of Kid’s Play that combines Lethal Pal and Ex Machina. The film tells the story of a toy company that designed a life-like android that a robotics engineer (Allison Williams) who works for a toy company decides to introduce to her niece Caddy (Violet McGraw), who has recently misplaced dad and mom in a car. Follow the story. accident. M3GAN (voiced by Jenna Davis) makes quick reference to Cady, but her general instructions to protect Cady quickly turn creepy because actually our robot’s good friend takes her work so harshly. Also within the trailer there are completely disturbing and memetic dances, each of which is fun and confusing. If you think about the narrative of Blumhouse and James Wan together, it should be interesting if nothing else. Rated PG-13 for violent content and terrorism, some solid language, and suggestive references.

That’s all you’ll get once again from the MPAA Ranking Board for this round, but you can view the full MPAA Ranking Board at:


R rating for language.

air jordan

R-rated for all languages.

Father Stu: Reincarnation

It was rated PG-13 for language, accident scene, sexual comments, mild violence, and smoking. (Edited model of a unique film).


Rated PG-13 for violent content and terrorism, some solid language, and suggestive references.

night train

It was rated PG-13 for some drug material, suggestive material, and language.

the old way

R rating for violence.


Rated for outright violence, rampant language, and drug use.


R rating for violence and language.

spoiler warning

It was rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug use, and thematic components.


PG-13 rating for language, slight risk and smoking.


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