Man expelled from plane for seat claim

It was a moment when the entire plane had to take off because a claustrophobic woman wanted an aisle seat.

Video from a United Airlines flight to Rome shows the woman’s husband arguing with another passenger and cabin crew. Sun report.

One passenger asks him: Are you going to get them all down now?”

He tells the weary traveler to “blame” the crew.

The passenger replies: “I am blaming you because you are the one who will bring us all down because you won’t leave. Because you didn’t get your way.

“I understand that she should have her place, but you won’t interfere with it for everyone.”

The woman’s husband replies, “Oh, yes.”

The angry husband, who sat in the middle of the row, explains that he paid an extra $US142 ($A220) for an aisle seat because his partner is claustrophobic. But she ended up with her “worst case scenario, leaning against a wall.”

You can hear his wife say to him, “We need to get off the plane.”

Then the husband asks the flight attendant what happens when they disembark.

Other passengers appear to be picking up their belongings while the argument goes on.

Sun contacted United Airlines for comment on the November 3 incident.

comes after Passenger refused to change seat. You can all sit together while flying with your family.

The traveler said he flew from Greece in September and flew for 10 hours and said summer vacation could be a very busy time of the year.

He said on Reddit: “I booked my ticket closer to the front of the plane so I could get closer to the gate when getting off the plane.

“I personally hate traveling, so I spent a little more.”

However, he said as soon as he got on the plane he asked if he could change seats so that the family of four could all sit together.

He went on to say: “Usually it’s fine, but if you change seats you have to move back 20 rows, so it can be inconvenient and you won’t get my value.”

However, after saying that she wanted to keep her seat, she said that she was ‘played’ by a woman in front of her husband and children, calling her a ‘asshole’.

This story was originally Sun Reposted here with permission.

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