Musgrove threw hometown Padres over the Mets 6-0 to the NLDS.

NEW YORK (AP) — With a great show on a memorable night in Padres history, Joe Musgrove brought it home to San Diego and really stuck with the New York Mets.

Right-handed people say “Cheater!” After an odd field check by the referee on the mound, he advanced his hometown Padres to the next round of Sunday’s playoffs.

San Diego manager Bob Melvin said: “You can tell from his face and demeanor.” “He was on a mission today.”

Trent Grisham hit RBI and made a great catch in center field, which helped Padres take the NL Wildcard Series best-of-three 2-1. Austin Nola and Juan Soto each scored two singles.

San Diego will face the No. 1 Los Angeles Dodgers in a best-of-five division series that begins on Tuesday. – Guaranteed to play postseason in front of home fans for the first time in 16 years as the Padres return to Petco. Park for Game 3.

“I can’t wait to go back. They deserve it,” Melvin said.

It was the fifth time Padres had won a playoff series. And they played this season with star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. He took it without a hitch, and was absent for the entire season due to a wrist injury and PED suspension.

They were swept out of the Division Series by final World Series champions, the Dodgers, after winning a first-round matchup against St.

The Mets’ brilliant season ended with a sobbing in front of an empty seat. Baseball’s biggest spender was winning 101 games, the second-most in franchise history, but could not hold Atlanta in the NL East after finishing first in the division except for six days.

New York, relegated to a wild card round, has not fully recovered. Max Scherzer was shaken in Game 1 and after the Mets won Game 2 following Jacob deGrom to prevent them from being eliminated, he convened almost nothing against Musgrove and finished with one lonely hit.

Three-time starting pitcher Chris Bassett allowed three runs and three hits in four innings, giving the bottom hitters three expensive walks.

Pete Alonso’s five leadoff hits and Starling Marte’s seven starts were the only runners Musgrove allowed in his first postseason start.

Robert Suarez and Josh Hader finished for Padres with perfect relief. After the final, the Padres players and coaches gathered on the field for a happy hug and handshake. A small but loud crowd of cheering San Diego fans, dressed in brown and yellow, shouted “Beat LA! Beat LA!”

Then Padres threw a party in the clubhouse. They danced and made each other drink at the loud and raucous celebrations.

“They completely beat us.” Alonso said.

Musgrove grew up as a Padres fan in the San Diego suburbs and threw the franchise’s first no-hitter, making his second start for the team last year.

He was warming up with a hit in the sixth Sunday when Mets manager Buck Showalter came out of the dugout and spoke to first base referee Alfonso Marquez.

All six referees gathered and went to the mound, and head Marquez felt that Musgrove’s gloves, hat and even his ears were apparently looking for some illegal adhesive.

“I’ve seen him check pitchers before,” Musgrove said. “Okay, buddy. They are in the final stages and are desperate and are doing their best to get me out of the game.”

Musgrove said Marquez concluded “there’s nothing there.”

The referee allowed Musgrove to continue, and he hit a punctuated 1-2-3 six with a pointed gesture towards the New York dugout.

“It gave me some motivation. It pissed me off,” he said.

Turnover rose in all six arrondissements in Musgrove on Sunday.

Showalter said, “I love him as a pitcher. It’s always been that way. I was a little offended about it but I’m not going to throw anything. He’s such a good pitcher and they’re so good. A lot of things, turnover, and when you see you pop at you,” Showalter said. I’m not talking about other things I’m sure you all know, I got a lot of information from the dugout, we were definitely out of luck.

“I am responsible for doing the best I can for the New York Mets. If it makes me visible, whatever it is or whatever it is, I do it every time and live with the consequences. I’m not here to offend anyone. I will do my best for our players and for the New York Mets. It felt like the best fit for us right now. There is a pretty clear reason why it is needed.”

Fans shouted “Cheater!” At Musgrove, a member of the 2017 Houston Astros World Series champions, Major League Baseball has been caught illegally stealing autographs to help hitters.

“Joe Musgrove is a man of character,” Melvin said. “I’m trying to tell everyone that questioning his character for me is the part I have a problem with and that Joe Musgrove is comparable to any pitcher I know, any player I know. Unfortunately, what happened to him after that The treatment is not fair.”

Astros’ cheating scandal shook up the sport. Mus Grove said he was uncomfortable wearing his championship ring, and he said he wanted to “feel off” with the paddies.

Milwaukee outfielder Andrew McCutchen tweeted: “I bet Musgrove has a red hot ear. “Pitchers use it as a mechanism to stay locked up during the game. It burns like crazy. Why some people think it helps, but it’s never ‘sticky’. Buck is smart. He may just want to throw him away.”

Mr. Think Padre

During batting practice, San Diego second baseman Jake Cronenworth won an old-fashioned Tony Gwynn No. 1 prize at Petco Park one day this season. 19 I wore a uniform t-shirt.

Cronenworth considered today a day to pay tribute to the late Padres Hall of Fame.

“It was in my locker and I brought it for a reason, so I decided to wear it,” he said. “Tony was one of the best, so please provide support from above.”

trainer’s room

Padres: RBI all-star third baseman Manny Machado limped to a dugout after striking out in the ninth, preferring his right leg. He stayed in the game and later said he was fine.

to the next

San Diego went 5-14 against the No. 1 Dodgers this season and finished 22 games behind the National League West.

New York will kick off their spring training schedule on February 25 next year with a split squad match between Miami and Houston. The regular season kicks off on March 30th in Miami.


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