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hunger for blood A 2022 American sci-fi horror film set in a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires. Only the strong survive, and vampire hunter John Shepard (Costas Mandyre) is one of them. John must track down and eliminate the master vampire before he transforms himself.

Director Michael Sue (Tominocus Night; bridge of fate; death count; fate; my devil; rebel dead) a screenplay co-written by Massimiliano Cerchi (Labor Day; night shift; that much house of evil) and Adrian Milnes.

Mahal Empire-Blaen-Y-Bootleg Films production star Robert LaSardo (unknown attack; sky shark; moon), Tara Reed, Costas Mandyre (panacea; residue; blood trap; et al), Elissa Dowling (clown horror; automation; rootwood) and Sarah French.

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Cast and Characters:
Robert Lassado … vampire master
Tara Reed… vampire queen
Costas Mandylar … John Shepard
Elisa Dowling … Elena Thompson
Sarah French… Brooke Thompson
Eileen Dietz … Peggy Sue
Tatiana Sokolova … Destias
Kevin Hager… Abaddon
Ben Stover … Martin
Christian Larson… Lambert
Bishop Stevens … Talk
Daryl Goldberg … Jack Williams
Michael Cervantes … heeler
De Cutron … Doris

Filming location:

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