Protesters raised by Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner on ‘Monday Night Football’ report to police

Protesters called police after Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner ran to the stadium during a Monday night football game against the San Francisco 49ers, police confirmed on Wednesday.

“I don’t really focus on that. I’m more concerned about the guards who got hurt chasing him,” Wagner told reporters at the Rams training complex. according to AP Communications.

Lieutenant Cuong Phan of the Santa Clara Police Department confirmed Wednesday that an active investigation into the incident was ongoing, the Associated Press reported.

When asked about the police investigation, manager Sean McVay Rams endorsed his player and said: “I think we all know where Bobby’s intentions are. And I support Bobby Wagner. That’s where I am. “No one will disagree,” he said. according to ESPN.

The incident was brought about by Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group that protested with pink smoke flares during the season opening ceremony between the NFL’s Rams and the Buffalo Bills.

With 41 seconds left in the first half between the Rams and home team San Francisco 49ers, protesters Alex Taylor and Alison Plutty carried pink smoke grenades across the arena as security guards chased them.

Mr. Fluty was suppressed by security, but Mr. Taylor avoided arrest.

Mr. Taylor ran As they approached Rams’ sideline, Mr. Wagner and fellow linebacker Takkarist McKinley were sent off and Mr. Wagner delivered a hit that knocked the protesters to the ground.

Wagner told reporters that coaches and players have a right to worry about what Field Invaders can bring.

“People sometimes run in the fields for no reason. Again, I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen, but you’ll never know what that person has in their pockets and hands,” Wagner reported to the AP.

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