Snakes in airplanes: smugglers on United Airlines flight from Tampa scare passengers

United Airlines passengers were shocked when a flight from Tampa suddenly found a snake while catching a taxi at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The garter snake, colloquially referred to as a “garter snake,” was discovered by a passenger while slipping undetected under his feet during a flight on Monday.

Business class passengers noticing the creature “started screaming and raising their feet.” according to Local Cable Outlet News 12 New Jersey.

ESPN NBA analyst Timothy Legler confirmed the story on Twitter. writing, “I was in the same line across the hallway! Adults put their feet on their seats 🤣🤣 I won’t lie, I was a little scared to see my backpack open wide on the floor😳.”

Despite their fears, the garter snake is a non-venomous species and, as its name suggests, helps keep it from preying on other pests in your garden.

United Airlines reported the reptile to airport authorities “after being warned by passengers”, and New York and New Jersey Port Authority officials said they met the plane at the gate and “removed the garden snake”. report.

Unlike Samuel L. Jackson’s 2006 film “Snake on an Airplane”, there was only one snake. After disembarking, authorities searched the aircraft for other free-riding reptiles, but found nothing. according to Independent aviation news site Simple Flying.

The plane was only moored for 20 minutes before departing for Fort Myers, Florida.

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