‘Star Wars’ fans ask how they could believe one of the most absurd theories of the sequel trilogy.

between years drive wakes up and the last jedi It was a strange time within star Wars Neighborhood. JJ Abrams prepared a complete puzzle container for his followers to theorize. Who was Ray’s father and mother? How did Luke’s blue lightsaber find himself in Maz Kanata’s tavern? And, most urgently, what is Supreme Surf Snoke’s response?

Does he project large or simply super-large holograms? Can he transform his current character into a whole new kind? Theories abounded that he was named after Emperor Palpatine’s resurrected model of Grand Morph Tarkin, or the fallen Mon Mosma. However, there is one surprising principle that has gained an astonishing amount of traction. Snoke is Mace Windu.

Now, with the good news of late discovery, followers are wondering why no one believed this.

The first response is the last jedi The only thing we saw about Snoke was the projection.

Can Mace Windu ever return?

To be honest, the exact answer was quite odd.

If it had been with Mace Windu, it would probably have been higher.

Still, there are those who want Samuel L. Jackson to return to the franchise as Mace Windu. Anyway, we didn’t notice his physique at all, and such a powerful Jedi grip should in theory be able to survive being thrown out of a spear. Conversely, if Mace was alive, you would expect him to reappear in Mace. star Wars Because by now the Insurgent Alliance may have put their abilities to life in the course of this unique trilogy.

The canon story is that the mace’s aggressive fighting style influenced Darkish Facet. So perhaps he turned into evil while recovering his powers. Sith’s Revenge accident. to be trusted star Wars Stopped re-importing useless characters. Because the more they do, the cheaper each other life loss becomes.

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