Steve Lacy isn’t sorry he broke a fan’s disposable camera on stage. ‘I am human’

Don’t expect an apology after singer Steve Lacey broke a fan’s disposable camera on the stage of a concert in New Orleans on Monday.

that much “bad habit“Hit Maker He defended himself on Instagram on Tuesday. footage The scene where he smashes a camera on stage after being hit by a projectile went viral on social media. It’s unclear if the disposable camera he broke is the same thing that slapped his leg a few seconds ago.

“My show was like hell! Instead of throwing a disposable camera at me, just set the mood and shout at people who come to connect,” Lacy wrote. on Instagram.

“I had a really good time in Nola last night. I hate to get lost when something negative happens to the beauty of my relationships with many people in a crowd. I don’t think I should apologize to anyone. Maybe I could have responded better? sure. always. I am a student of life. But I am a real person with real emotions and real reactions.”

Lacy made headlines for the show at the live music venue Republic as part of her Give You World tour. in video from the event, 24 year old “Static” artist Someone scolds the crowd after roving an object that collides with their leg.

Before asking fans at the concert, he said, “Don’t throw an s on my f-stage. Can you see this camera?”

One attendee handed him a disposable camera, and Lacy forced the device down. The crowd gasped collectively as the camera clattered and crashed into the stage.

“That’s it.” Before leaving the stage, Lacy speaks in the clip. “peace.”

some criticized actor Many people on social media sided with Lacy about his behavior, arguing that concertgoers should know better than throwing objects at musicians while performing.

“I am neither a product nor a robot,” he wrote on Instagram. “I am human. I will continue to give my all on this show. Please come with respect for yourself and others. Thank you for your love.”

Lacy’s Give You World tour ends November 11th at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

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