The head of the ‘Dragon House’ tells us through the most disturbing moment of the finale.

This article contains spoilers. dragon’s house season finale

dragon’s house It ended stylishly with an exciting finale that set the stage for chaos. The Green vs. Black War has officially begun and the first casualty is Rhaenyra’s young son, Lucerys. But on the other side, everything can be bad. Alicent fights fiercely against his father’s manipulation of life, and one scene mid-episode reveals that everything in the Targaryen family isn’t good.

The daemons want to wreak havoc across Westeros after their throne is usurped, and the new queen, Rhaenyra, desperately tries not to enter the war. However, for Rhaenyra to become her queen, Daemons must stop ruling her, so she cleans her room to remind her who is her boss and tells him about her Song of Fire and Ice.

This creates a disturbing scene where Daemon grabs Rhaenyra by the neck, making viewers wonder if it’s not such a good idea for her to marry her uncle. Diversity.

“It’s a load-bearing, multi-layered question. There is a lot to solve! Did Rhaenyra make the right choice to marry her uncle? I don’t think so. It’s an incredibly shocking scene and, frankly, one of my favorite scenes from the finale, beautifully played by Emma and Matt.

As the author of this series, I don’t think there’s much new information about the daemons in that scene. I think Daemon has shown you a lot of colors throughout this season that won’t shock you at the moment. That primordial danger is always lurking beneath the surface, and at that moment it just happened.”

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We started the season with Daemon having his eyes on the Iron Throne, but discovering that his older brother is hiding a secret from him seems to put him on the brink.

“It became very clear to him that his brother did not consider him the true heir to the throne. It pisses him off. Knowing that Viserys had been guarded was the worst wound he could ever experience. [the prophecy] From him he gladly shared with Rhaenyra. At that moment, the daemon breaks, and that’s how he reacts.”

Daemons will likely go over the edge when reacting to Lucerys’ death, so expect Season 2 to kick off with fireworks as Westeros plunges into open warfare. This season has been a hit, so HBO will increase its budget for what lies ahead and show off an incredibly devastating Dragon vs. Dragon battle.

Sadly, we have to wait at least two years before that. dragon’s house It is not expected to return until the summer of 2024. The Game Of Thrones Until then, fans.

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