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During his 11 years of stand-up, this was by far the worst hater Ariel Elias has ever met.

The comedian’s performance at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, on October 8th started as usual, so she didn’t expect it to be the subject of a viral video. latest example The comedy stage becomes the scene of an unsettling incident.

Elias spent most of the 20-minute set talking about female body images, starting the pre-planned question-and-answer portion of the set. Her jokes she ends up appearing on some of the merchandise she sells after her show.

It was then that a woman in the audience sat down at a large table of people from a noisy birthday party and shouted to her on stage, “Did you vote for Trump?”

“I’m not talking about politics,” she told Newz alive . “Honestly, I think I was talking about my period. It felt like she was trying to fight her, and I don’t think I really did anything to bring it out.”

The woman was kicked out. and the man sitting next to her threw beer cans – Quickly – on Elias’ head.

Many viewers are shocked by the video of that moment mentioned earlier.

Elias said he didn’t see the beer flying overhead, but heard a loud thud behind him.

“I was leaning against the wall and listening to it, and I felt my hind legs getting wet and I was trying to figure out what was going on,” she says. “Then I looked down and saw her cans of beer and put them together. People were angry that it had happened. It was a good thing. So I’m glad the crowd psychology doesn’t dominate me.”

At that moment she picked up the tin and found it was still heavy with beer.

“’Don’t let the adrenaline win. drink little by little Be brave,’ she says. “When you think you still have beer, you know what it is? I’ve never needed more alcohol in my life. And I think this is the only way I can get out of this situation because I still have five minutes left on my set.”

She had the option to step down and know that “no one would be mad at me”. But she thought. How about her stickers?

“I sell merchandise after the show and my best-selling stickers are based on my last joke. ‘Well, I thought, ‘Well, I’ll have to joke around to get people to come and buy my stickers’.”

So she’s done.

“It was a lot scarier when I got home,” Elias says later. She had to watch the video to see how hard and fast the beer was thrown.

“Honestly, I am not very good at dealing with emotions. So, I think I will cry while watching ‘Man to Food’ in 6 days,” he said with a smile.

Her friends and family were supportive. Her parents told her she was proud of her and her fellow cartoons continue to confirm her.

“I went to a few places downtown last night and everyone was like, ‘Are you okay?’ I think it’s a question I need to ask,” she says. “Because I don’t know the answer yet.”

Elias decided not to prosecute, but the Comedy Club did. And although she doesn’t want to go back to the town where her affair happened, Elias says she absolutely loves doing her stand ups and will continue.

“Please don’t throw things at me,” she says. “I love to stand. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I love to travel and I like to be in front of me and other people,” she said.

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