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Whether you need to gamify your classroom or be very versatile with the whole element being utilized instead of average will really help. Even so, how can I get the whole element from Google Classroom? You can export your scores from Google Classroom to a spreadsheet, but you’ll want to record the formula to summarize the elements.

Free Schoollights for Instructors

I use Schoolytics to provide free insight into how college students are performing in all of my courses. go to student table I will soon find out which college students are struggling and which of them are achieving their goals. You can also see the total factors earned by the student in one category.


One solution to gamify classes is to level up college students. When student A submits a project and gets an A on the project … he gets an A nonetheless. Poor grades can lead to poor grades… It’s psychologically destructive. Regular exhibition development utilizing the gamified stage-up system! Even 100% college students can objectively set it up for a better stage.

Progress is motivating.

gamified stage upscale

It is very simple to prepare at first while playing sports. Over time, the steps will become more difficult to follow. Consider the basic factors. You need a coed to get on stage immediately after the basic project is over. College students want a zero factor in step 1. Make level 2 almost lower than the default, typical project, element. Step 3 should be rarely greater than 3 assignments. Slowly tighten the hole. It will take some extra effort to get it to the next level. Assuming the default project is a value 10 factor, I created a prompt. Level up your spreadsheet.

Observe the whole factor of Schoolytics

The fastest solution for college students to get the many things they get from Google Classroom is to log in to for free. Click on “University Student” on the left side.

Make sure you set the filter to prime!! The default is the count for the last 30 days.

Schoolytics lets you export almost any desk to Google Sheets using the filter’s three-dot menu. Select “Save to Sheet”. This could result in a Google Spreadsheet with columns containing the full factor for coeducation.

Flexibility with college students

Even if you’re not gamifying your elements, you should utilize them as a whole so college students have an alternative. Offer college students different pathways to acquire the x factor in class. Some assignments are not compulsory, so percentages cannot be used to determine student success. For college students to succeed in 500 factors, they only need to know the total number of factors they have, no matter how they bought them. Rely on purpose with the Schoolytics Scholar desk.

Ignoring all achievable factors

If you were to give college students an alternative to how to get the x-factor in your class, their general proportions would probably look pretty risky. Use all the elements you earn to check your progress.

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